Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New BH Opening

I have not updated my blog for quite sometime because I was away for some other business.

Finally completed the BH conversion that written in previous post, just to share a short clip of opening, a quite satisfied result.

Few more projects coming next.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Audio Output Signal & Capacitor on Tweeter

We have often seen that tweeters used for the BHs commonly added a capacity to the positive terminal, actually many swiftlet farmers even consultants do not really know on what and how the capacitor functions. Since many readers are questioning about that I try to give a short brief on this topic per my understanding.

Before understanding about capacitor, first we need to know how the sound is being transformed and produced. Many of us would think that audio output produced by the player or amplifier is Direct Current (DC), because output terminal of amplifier normally coloured with Red and Black which we always misunderstand as positive and negative of DC.

In fact audio signal outputted from audio player is a complex AC waveform, when the volume is low, the voltage out is low. Volume can be increased by increasing voltage wave with an amplifier. We are controlling the output voltage by setting volume knob level of amplifier. Tweeter (speaker) is to transform audio signal from AC waveform into sound wave, that’s why reverse two cables, tweeter still produce sound but AC phase will be reverse.

We may commonly see that tweeters added a capacitor to (+) terminal, some farmer might understand from the tweeter supplier that capacitor is to help to balance the sound volume when number of tweeters are looped up in parallel circuit, which is not true. Some supplier may also tell you that tweeter with capacitor will improve sound quality.

A capacitor's basic function is to pass AC current and block DC current. A capacitor will never pass DC current, where DC could harm the tweeters. Capacitor can also limit AC current depending on the frequency when high surge. The proper µF of capacitor should be selected for your tweeter for its impedance (ohm).

Generally capacitor is a protection of tweeter especially dynamic type tweeters. However I personally don’t think it has significant function for those piezo tweeters in our BH. If you wanted to improve tweeters sound balancing I will advise to use low resistance audio cable and consistence impedance of tweeter. Nevertheless I am not sound engineer but just to share with readers from my understanding, anyone specialised in audio want to correct my statement or share something, you can email to me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Headed to Ipoh for regular BHs inspection

I was heading north from KL to Ipoh to carry out regular inspection of my JV BHs yesterday, took about 3 hour driving to reach due to bad traffic condition.

These new BHs have been operating for few months only, there is some growth but not as good as those new BHs setup in populated area as expected, location is still the key factor of good success I always believe in. However the bird population can always grow bigger just matter of time as long as progressive, I am still quite satisfied in the progress of these BHs anyway, with some patience and good management they will turn into populated BHs in 2-3years time later.

Found a 3 eggs nest again in one of the BHs, seems birds like this particular BH and egg as many as they like.




After inspection done, managed to meet the producer of ‘Cool Mist’ in the evening, he made a demo and elaborated in detail and reliability of this product, which was impressive. He really put quite some effort and time in developing Cool Mist on perfection as well as cost reduction as compared to those equivalents ultrasonic humidifier in the market.

完成检查后,在傍晚时见了Cool Mist 的制作人,他做了其产品示范和详细其产品的可靠性。他真的花了相当长的时间和精力研发以及降低成本,和那些市场上等值超声波加湿器相比其价格相当合理。

Friday, April 29, 2011

Joint Venture Can Be A Win-Win Solution 合资燕屋运作可是双赢的方案

Immediate confirmation from Mr. P after a convincing outcome from bird call test, on the next day my contractor moved his worked and started the renovation without further hesitation.

Mr. L, neighbour and friend of Mr. P, his shop is just next to Mr. P’s, he was with us during bird call test. He came to me when I was giving instruction to my contractor, he wanted me to turn his shoplot into BH as well after seeing the result from bird test yesterday.

I was then thinking that, if I am making two separate BH that just next to each other, I will not be able to control both unit will get equally good result, they will become competitor, I think the second one will put the blame on me after. The best solution in my mind is to get them joint venture, make 1 BH instead of 2 by joining two units up, they will share the profit regardless of nest in where.

They agreed to my proposal of JV after my explanation on pros and cons, there are actually much more advantages than disadvantages for their JV, such as lower cost for construction and equipment, larger nesting space for better growth, lower risk, no competition etc. I believe JV will be a win-win solution for them.

1st unit of Mr. P is half completed, all hacking and cement work done, I decided to use dual entrances, side entry at the front and open roof at the back. Since Mr. L unit needs to build another half floor above the 1st floor with more concrete work which will take long time, the completion will be extended another 2weeks.






Interfloor Hole access to lower nest area

Front with Side Entrance

Building another half floor

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Humidifier – Cool Mist

Although mist maker type of humidifier is not new in the market but this one selling at quite reasonable price compared to others.

Some of you may have seen this posted in other site earlier but in order to show my appreciation to the product developer for his hard effort in parts sourcing and R&D, I am posting more information about this product and its specification for anyone who has not seen this.

I really like this product that the producer worked on the cost down, and he makes all the parts and accessories replaceable, you should need to replace any parts that wear off instead of whole unit disposal, and spare parts are all available from him. Contact me if you need it.

Spare Parts, Click on picture to enlarge

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Difficulty of finding good location 好地难求

Nowadays more and more BHs are being built up everywhere, and size of BH is getting bigger and bigger. Swiftlet farming competition is getting intense especially in the hot swifltet farming zone.

I always think that location is a very key factor to successful BH. Other factors like design, sound, micro habitat etc you can still perfect it later if you didn’t make it the best at the first place. But you can never shift your BH to other place once started and investment put on. Late comer should be very cautious in their investment, never do a blind investment.

I headed to south to help Mr. P to do a site survey and assessment last couple of days. His old shoplot located far from town, a two and half storey corner lot currently empty in 1st and 2nd floor, ground floor being used for printing workshop with small operation, very ideal location for swiflet farming I rate for it. There is a wide orchard in next, many birds would be hunting for food here everyday, only one row of old shoplot was built in this area and none existing BH operating in this area yet. This is a very prime location many swiftlet farmers and investors are hunting for.

We conducted a call test at 6pm for 20mins, more than 200 birds responded to the test. Mr. P was excited to the result, he can’t wait but wanted to start renovation immediately. I made arrangement for workers and materials immediately, target to complete this project within 2-3weeks.




我们在下午6点进行了20分钟的测试,有两百多只燕子对测试反应。 P先生很兴奋,他不能再等待,要立即开始工程。我立即安排工人和材料,期于两三周内完成这个工程。

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MY AGRO 2011

I am invited to particiate exibition of MY AGRO 2011 by the organizer, anyone interested can find information below. Key segments includes Swiftlet Farming & Bird Nest Industry.

Venue: MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC), Kuala Lumpur
Date: 20th to 23rd September 2011

Show Summary

Brochure in English

Brochure in Chinese

Monday, April 11, 2011

Breeding Season 繁殖季节

From the recent BH observation in west coast, breeding period should have started, a bigger jump in the nest count and most of nests in the BH contain eggs or chicks, many parents are incubating inside the BH.

Some of new BH you might experience gradually grow in the past few months, but sudden high increase in the breading season.

Every different area should have some deviation of breeding period due to external factors such as Monsoon, temperature change, rainy season etc. It will be good we can have record for those fluctuation factors for your BH for future forecasting.

If we can predict the breeding season of your BH accurately in our area, we could actually have better growth in nest number by taking necessary action in advance to attract those home seeking young swiftlets.

For populated BH, you should keep your bird nest and sell it in breeding month when price raise higher as low harvesting during breeding period.





Sunday, April 3, 2011

Iron door Integrated latch lock 综合式铁门闩锁

I was in Perak yesterday managed to visit few BHs, one thing found from one BH during my visit that I would like to share with my reader is the integrated latch lock for Iron door.

Most common and conventional latch lock is the one shown in the photo at bottom one which we can get easily from hardware shop anywhere, fabricator will normally weld it onto the iron door from inside and locked up with a pad lock. Many broke in case, burglar will normally use a giant steel cutter or hydraulic jack to break the pad lock or the bracket of latch lock.

This custom made latch lock is integrated into the iron door at inside with very thick cross bar to bridge over to solid door frame, and a build-in lock mechanism is seal up with iron casing, where burglar will find nowhere to cut. it look very solid and very strong in anti-cutting from burglar.




Friday, April 1, 2011

Positive competition 良性竞争

I was invited by a shop lot owner to carry out site survey on his shop area located at south of Selangor, he has a plan to convert top floor of his 3 storey shop to swiftlet farm, since he is new in this industry and he need some sincere and professional advice before investment with money involved.

In his shop area at least 20 BHs have been in operation, number of swiftlet doesn’t seem to be many and I think swiftlet farming started in this area about 3-4 years. The owner is quite concerning whether in such a high competition area should he still jump into it.

Swiftlet farming is now competitive everywhere, even if you are the pioneer in the area, you can’t stop others from coming soon or later and compete with you when you get the good outcome. Having a right and positive attitude is essential in this industry, treating this as a positive competition as well as an opportunity for us to improve ourselves to be more competitive, develop new technique or weapons of BH to win the war. If we are knowledgeable and well prepared we will not afraid of competition.

In his case, since he already owned the shop lot, and one successful neighbor BH is very close his one, source of young birds should not be the problem. Cost for converting one floor is not too much and which is affordable to the owner, I suggest him to go ahead.

我应一位业主邀请到他在雪兰莪州南区的店屋进行实地考察,他计划把他的3层店铺顶层改成燕屋,因为他对这个行业不太熟悉,在涉及金钱的投资之前,他需要一些真诚和专业的意见。 在他的店屋区域已有至少有20间燕屋已正在运作了,燕子数量似乎并不是很多,我预测引燕活动这一区应大约有3-4年。业主相当忧虑在如此高的竞争领域,他是否应该还跳进去。 引燕业的竞争现在是无处不在,即使你是在该地区的先驱,你也不能阻止其他人迟早来与你竞争的,尤其你的燕屋得到好的结果时。在这个行业,拥有一个正确的和积极的态度是必要的,当它作一个良性的竞争,也可以是一个机会,让我们提高自己以使更有竞争力,从重中开发新技术或引燕武器在战争中赢取好的成绩。如果我们足够的知识和准备,我们不会害怕竞争。 在他的案件,因为他已经拥有了这一间店铺,一间成功的燕屋就在非常接近他的店,小燕子的来源应该不是问题。单只改造一层楼成为燕屋费用并不多,业主是负担得起的,所以我建议他前进。